Stud Beef Exhibitors, Young Judges, Led Steer Competition, and Junior Handler
Chief Steward: Amy Steinhardt mobile: 0423 378 984
Stewards: Chris Andersen, Simon Bird, Josh Steinhardt, Kathy Wager, Rob Wager,
Judging Commences: 8.00am SHARP Saturday 26th May, 2018
West Moreton and Brisbane Valley Sub Chamber Regional Finals of Young Paraders will be held at
Esk on Saturday 26th May, 2018 after completion of Led Steer Judging
Entries Close: Saturday 19th May, 2018. Please forward Entry Forms together with nomination fees to
Secretary: PO Box 69 ESK Q 4312 email:
Entry Fee: $6.50 per beast entered, unless otherwise stated
Late Entry Fee: $8 will apply to all late entries
Young Judges Competition Friday 25th May, 2018 at 6pm
Entry Fee: $1
Junior Paraders Saturday 26th May after Led Steer Competition
(judging commences after Stud Beef judging)
Entry Fee: $1
Herdsman Competition for schools judged over the duration of show
Entry Fee: free
All exhibitors to pay gate admission (unless a show member)
DPI Notice: All cattle will be read for NLIS at approx. 7.00am Saturday 26th May, 2018
BGA Agriservices, Brisbane Valley Farm Supplies, Brisbane Valley Hire & Sales,
Brisbane Valley Ostrich Farm, South East Country Vets, Boutique Meats Castell Park, G Carlson,
Faye Craddock, CWA Esk, R & H Dann, Drynan Family, Jim Kruger, Esk Newsagency, Dr T FitzGerald,
Haggarty Group Ipswich, HLE Smith & Co, K R Livestock Trading,
McMasters & Associates Financial Planners, Ray White Esk/Toogoolawah, K & J Sanguinetti,
Mrs R Sanguinetti & Mr Smith, Robbie Shaw, Tinton Grazing, Toogoolawah Feedlot



Cattle from a herd restricted for either of these diseases WILL NOT be allowed entry to the showgrounds
No cattle will be allowed entry on the Esk Showgrounds unless accompanied by a full completed waybill as prescribed by the Stock Act 1915
Rules, Regulations and Notes to Exhibitors
  1. Judging will commence at 8am sharp.  Cattle cannot be removed until after the Grand Parade
  2. All prize winners are requested to participate in the Grand Parade,please ensure your Liability Insurance covers this as this is not covered by the Esk Show Society
  3. To be eligible to lead an animal in the Esk Show, all children 13 years and under must be accompanied at all times by an adult over 18 years of age
  4. The age of cattle will be taken as at 30th April, 2018
  5. Tick infested cattle will not be allowed to compete
  6. The Association will not accept liability for stock exhibited, the risk of being that of the Exhibitor
  7. If, in the opinion of the Judge, the cattle are unworthy of a prize, no award will be given
  8. All cattle exhibited must be entered or eligible for their respective herd book and proof of registration must be available upon request
  9. All Exhibitors must be the bona-fide property of the owner at the time of the show and for one month prior to the show
  10. A commission of two and one half percent of all sales of exhibits affected either by auction or privately on the grounds during the show, shall be paid to the Association by the seller or agent
  11. Please ensure that all details are printed clearly on each entry form for each exhibit entered in Classes 1 to 18 and Breeders Group (Name of Exhibit, Herd Book No., Date of Birth, Animals Identification No./Tattoo, Owners Name/s, Address and Contact Number)
  12. All exhibits must be in and stalled by 10pm Friday 25th May, 2018.  Should an exhibitor require special consideration of stalled times please contact Chief Steward by 24th May, 2018
  13. Upon receipt of your entry form, stalls will be allocated by Chief Steward.  Please contact her for any special consideration.  All stall allocations must be adhered to so as not to create confusion for exhibitors and stewards
  14. All animals must be quiet to be paraded in the ring for judging.  Unruly animals will be disqualified by the stewards at the their discretion
  15. All bulls over 12 months of age MUST have a nose ring
  16. All other animals MUST have a nose ring or rope. All animals are to be tethered with halter and neck rope and led with a lead rope attached. All exhibits are to be haltered. NO ANIMAL IS TO BE LED FROM TRUCKS OR TO WATER WITHOUT A NOSE LEAD IN PLACE. STEWARDS WILL BE POLICING AT ALL TIMES
  17. All cattle over the age of twelve months entering the show ring without nose ring/nose grips will be disqualified.  Free spraying on grounds for cattle returning to clean country (see special notes)
  18. Where minimal exhibits per class are noted, the class will be combined but each exhibit will still be judged in their own class, once these are finalised, Junior/Senior and Grand Champion will be awarded
Stewards appreciate your understanding and compliance of these rules


Young Judges Competition

To be held 6pm sharp Friday 25th May, 2018
Proudly Sponsored by
Prize Money - for class A and B donated by CWA-Esk
Trophies and Prize Money for highest placed in class C
donated by R Sanguinetti and G Smith
1st Trophy & $30, 2nd Trophy & $20
Special Local Award - Prize Money: $100
donated by K & J Sanguinetti
to the Highest Placed Local Resident - Under the Age of 18yrs
Prize given at the discretion of the Over Judge
This award can be only awarded once
you are not eligible if you have won in previous years
A. Under 13years - 1st sash and $10, 2nd sash and $7, 3rd $5
B. 13years and Under 15years - 1st sash and $10, 2nd sash and $7, 3rd $5
C. 15years and Under 25years - 1st and 2nd prizes as stated above
1st Prize winner from Class C will go into Regional Finals which take place at the   Show 2018
Entries and Enquiries to Secretary: PO Box 69 ESK Q 4312
Fax: (07) 5424 1057 email:
Entry Fee: $1  Nominations and fees to be sent with show entry or nomiate and pay entry fees to Chief Steward     Friday afternoon between 3.30 - 5.30pm

Young Judges Conditions

  1. Age limit for competitors will be under 25 years as at 30th April, 2018
  2. Winner of Judging Competitions at any previous Esk Show will not be eligible in a similar Breed Class in this Show
  3. No less than three animals of a prescribed breed to be judged
  4. Each competitor will be given a card on which he or she will place the animals in their Order of Merit and give their reasons for doing so. Upon completing the card, it will be handed to the Steward for presentation to the Judge who may, if he/she wishes, question the competitor on any points in his/her judgement, or any feature in connection with the cattle being judged
  5. The Judge in making his decision shall take into consideration the correctness of placing the animals and the reasons given as well as their presentation
  6. Entry fee of $1 is required per nomination, fees to be sent with show entry or nominate and pay fee to Chief Steward    between 3.30 - 5.30pm Friday afternoon
The Over Judge will demonstrate the points of the Breed/s and explain their purpose in the general scheme of animal husbandry immediately after the cards are handed in.


Special Notes

  1. Classes 1 - 15 are open to all breeds and all breeds will be judged separately through the Breed Grand Champion.  All other classes are inter-breed
  2. Where Senior and/or Junior Champions are awarded, they will be followed by the Reserve Champion ribbons for the runner-up to the respective Champion
  3. Trophies may only be awarded when there are four or more entries in the individual classes eligible for the respective Champion.  The condition does not affect the status of the award or the allocation of the sash
  4. Showground facilities are available for Exhibitors from Thursday/Friday, No exhibitors will be allowed to arrive Saturday morning so as to not cause disruption and/or delay in Judging.  All enquiries to Chief Steward   Covered facilites are available and Show Society will provide sawdust
All email or phone enquiries to Chief Steward  email:
Note: Allocation of stalls are given a receipt of entries.  Please if you are coming with other Exhibitors and wish to be placed together please note this on your entry form or contact Chief Steward so as not to cause disruption to other Exhibitors

Special Awards

Winner of the Supreme Exhibit of the British, European and Tropical Breeds and the Champion Led Steer will accrue points for the overalll winner of the 'Riverina Awards'
This award will be presented at the end of the 2018 circuitry of all shows affiliated with the
West Moreton and Brisbane Valley Show Societies Association Inc
Junior, Senior Champions will recieve $10 cash and sash
Grand Champions will be awarded trophy and sash
Sash only awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd in individual classes
Supreme Champion British Breed Bull - sash and trophy
Supreme Champion British Breed Female - sash and trophy
Supreme Champion Tropical Breed Bull - sash and trophy
Supreme Champion Tropical Breed Female - sash and trophy
Supreme Champion European Breed Bull - sash and trophy
Supreme Champion European Breed Female - sash and trophy
Interbred Grand Champion Bull - sash and trophy
Interbred Grand Champion Female - sash and trophy
Supreme Champion Exhibit - sash and trophy

Led Steer/Heifer

Entry Fee: $6
Weighing will take place at approx 9am Saturday at the Prime Cattle Yards
Judging will take place immediately after Stud Beef Judging
Prizes for all three classes are as follows: 1st sash and $50, 2nd sash and $25, 3rd sash and $15, 4th sash and $10
Champion Led Steer - trophy, sash and $50 (animals to be exhibited in one class)

Esk Show Overall Points Achievement Award

Is presented to the MOST SUCCESSFUL EXHIBITOR who earns the highest number of points are awarded as follows:
Classes 1 - 12. 1st - 5 points, 2nd - 4 points, 3rd - 3 points
Classes 15, 16 and 17 1st -3 points , 2nd - 2 points, 3rd - 1 point
Breed Grand Champion - 2 points  Interbreed Breeders Group - 5 points
Winner receives sash and trophy donated by Brisbane Valley Ostrich Farm


Schools Competition

'Herdsman Award'

There are 1st and 2nd place awards.  Schools will be judged on Student Attire, Presentation of Animals, Stalls and Conduct, during the 2018 Esk Show.  This award is given at the end of Judging.

Junior Paraders Competition

To be held after Led Steer Judging 26th May, 2018

Please refer to 'Rules and Regulations' at the beginning of the Stud Beef Section for eligibility to enter.

No Judge is permitted to ask competitors to swap animals
Note: Only the winner from Class 21 will be eligible to compete in the Regional Final for
West Moreton and Brisbane Valley Sub Chamber
The Regional Finals will commence after completion of the Esk Show Grand Parade