Chief Steward: Malcolm Booth ph: (07) 4698 4964 mobile: 0418 530 999
Stewards: L Biscoff, C Brough, G Cameron, B Conroy, E Dennehy, V Doyle, B Drynan, K Dunlop,
J Fogg, D Fisher, H Fitzgerald, S Fitzgerald, L Hayes, J Kruger, G Lynch,
J McConnel, D McConnel, V O'Brien, K Sanguinetti, G Yates 
Please note Prime Cattle Exhibitors
Prize Money 1st $30, 2nd $20 will be awarded for the following classes: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29,
30, 32, 34, 37,38, 39, 42, and 43
Prime Beef Young Judges Competition to be held on Friday approx 5.00pm, 24th May, 2019
All cattle to be sold under the open auction system
All competitors to pay gate admission (unless a show member)
Cattle will be weighed liveweight upon unloading
Cattle must be yarded by 5.00pm Thursday 23rd May, 2019
Judging to commence 7.00am 24th May, 2019
Cattle Sale commencing at 12.30pm 24th May, 2019
TUBERCULOSIS and BRUCELLOSIS: Cattle from a herd restricted for either of these diseases will NOT be allowed entry to the showgrounds
WAYBILL: All cattle MUST be accompanied by a fully completed NVD waybill

Special Regulations

  1. All exhibits must be the bona-fide property of the Exhibitor at the time of the Show and for ONE MONTH before the Show
  2. All horned cattle must be tipped prior to arrival at the showgrounds.  The Society will not accept liability for livestock exhibited
  3. At least one animal from each Exhibitor’s entries will be randomly mouthed by the Stewards during weighing prior to Judging
  4. Exhibitors must fix coloured age tags and numbered ear tags to cattle prior to entry to Showgrounds. Tags used will be: Orange Tag – Milk Tooth, White Tag – 2 Tooth, Blue Tag – 4 Tooth, Yellow Tag – 6 Tooth. Tail tags and ear tags (Identification Nos.) will be available from Brisbane Valley Farm Supplies (07) 5424 1188 or the Chief Steward
  5. Tick infested cattle will not be permitted to compete
  6. Only cattle entered in any section will be allowed to be submitted to auction
  7. All prize winners MUST be sold
  8. The Judge shall take into consideration breeding quality, conformation, weight, evenness and depth of flesh, coupled with least waste, in all classes in the Prime Cattle Section and shall withhold awards unless, in his opinion, the exhibits are of sufficient merit
  9. All beef cows showing in calf will be disqualified
  10. Only commercial cattle to be exhibited
  11. Delivery can be given Friday pm, no cattle to be taken without delivery by Stewards or their agents
  12. A commission of 5 % is payable on sales of exhibits whether affected by auction or privately during the Show, excluding classes 1 & 2 where this rate of commission is 4%
  13. Only pasture or crop fed cattle may be exhibited in Pasture Fed Classes. Cattle supplemented with grain are not considered pasture or crop fed but are eligible for Grain Fed Classes
  14. All entries to be restricted to one Class, except Championship classes
  15. All cattle must have a NLIS device. If cattle arrive at showground without a NLIS device one shall be applied to the cattle at the expense of the Exhibitor

Paddock to Plate Competition

Class 1:     Esk Show Society, Australian Country Choice and Coles Supermarket

Proudly supported Shepherdson and Boyd
Prize money kindly donated by Rabobank

Entry Fee: Nil

Conditions of Entry

  1. Pen of five steers or heifers (pens can be of mixed sex)
  2. Animals to be purchased by Australian Country Choice at induction
  3. Exhibitors to be paid within 14 days of purchase
  4. Commission per animal will be 4% Esk Show Society retains 2% and Shepherdson & Boyd retains 2%
  5. Cattle weighed at Australian Country Choice Coominya on 27th February, 2019.  Weighbridge weight shall determine price paid to Exhibitor
  6. Live-weight price to be advised by Shepherdson & Boyd, prior to delivery
  7. Cattle will commence feed after a period of 4-5 days on starter ration
  8. Cattle will be fed for approximately 70 days
  9. Bos Idicus content to no more than 50%
  10. All cattle to be HGP free
  11. Cattle have to weigh at property prior to normal curfew 340kg to 400kg Live-weight
  12. Detention is milk tooth.  Horned cattle to be tipped inside ear length and to be completely healed
  13. Cattle have to be off feed and water the night before (26th February) at the Vendor's yards prior to delivery to Australian Country Choice Coominya on the 27th February, 2019
  14. All cattle to be identified prior to delivery with ear tags provided
  15. Entries for class 1 close 13th February, 2019
  16. Awards presentations to be made at the Exhibitors dinner at Esk Showgrounds Friday 24th May, 2019 at 6.00pm
  17. Transport costs to the Australian Country Choice feedlot shall be deducted from sale proceeds


Prizes For Class 1

Breeder Achiever Award - to be awarded to the pen with the highest total aggregate of carcass points that were bred and owned by the exhibitor.  Trophy donated by Vince & Pam O'Brien plus $50 cash sponsored by Rabobank

Champion Pen of 5 Carcasses - winning exhibit shall have the highest total aggregate of carcass points for the pen.  Trophy donated by Shepherdson & Boyd plus $140 cash sponsored by Rabobank

Reserve Champion Pen of 5 Carcasses - exhibit shall have the 2nd highest total aggregate of carcass points for the penProduct donated Northern AgriServices by  plus $70 cash sposored by Rabobank

Third Place Pen of 5 Carcasses - exhibit shall have the 3rd highest total aggregate of carcass points for the pen.  Product donated by Northern AgriServices plus $30 donated by Rabobank

Fourth Place Pen of 5 Carcasses - exhibit shall have the 4th highest total aggregate of carcass points for the pen.  Product donated by Northern AgriServices plus $15 donated by Rabobank

Champion and Reserve Champion Single Carcass - winners will be eligible from any pen and shall have the highest individual scores respectively.  Champion Carcass will receive trophy donated by Australian Country Choice plus $40 donated by Rabobank.  Reserve Champion Carcass will receive $35 donated by Rabobank

Weight Gain Competition - prizes shall be awarded from 1st - 4th place to be determined by the highest average daily weight gain per pen of 5, 1st $40, 2nd $35, 3rd $25, 4th $20, all prize money sponsored by Rabobank



'The Trevor Kerr Memorial Trophy' Carcass Competition

Trophy and Prize Money Donated by the Kerr Families for Grain Fed Trade Steers or Heifers
Supported by Shepherdson and Boyd

Esk Show would like to thank Brisbane Valley Meats for providing the prize money and facilities to conduct this competition

Conditions of Entry

  1. Commission per animal will be 4%, Esk Show Society will retain 2% and Shepherdson & Boyd will retain 2%
  2. Cattle entered to be milk tooth, weighing between 180kg and 250kg, HSCW
  3. Cattle entered in this class can be fed at a feedlot of the vendor's choice
  4. Entries to arrive at Brisbane Valley Meats Abattoir on Thursday 16th May, 2019 by 3.00pm
  5. On hoof judging for this class will commence at 4pm on Thursday 16th May, 2019 at 10.00am, at Brisbane Valley Meats Abattoir
  6. Judging of carcasses will take place on Saturday 18th May, 2019 at 10.00am at Brisbane Valley Meats Abattoir
  7. Suggested feedlot entry weight 250kg to 340kg
Entries Close: Thursday 9th May, 2019
Entries restricted to 16 head of cattle

Prizes for Class 2

  1. Champion and Reserve Single Carcass
  2. 3rd place for the 3rd highest scoring carcass
Prize Money to be paid as follows:
1st place - a bonus of 20 cents per kg
2nd place - a bonus of 15 cents per kg
3rd place - a bonus of 10 cents per kg
A special prize will be awarded if the winner is bred and owned by Exhibitor


Pasture Fed Vealers

A vealer is an animal that is still suckling as at 23rd May, 2019

Pasture Fed Females

Pasture Fed Steers

Single Grain Fed Trade Classes

Cattle from non accredited feedlots are eligible to enter grain fed classes

Single Grain Fed Export Classes

Pasture Fed Pens



Grain Fed Pens

NB: Average weight of pen determines the class that pens will be placed in

Please Note:
Cattle nominated as Bred and Owned will recieve $100 if judged as Supreme Champion
in classes 46, 47, 48.
We thank the following donors Bremer Stockfeeds, Fusion Financial Group, Mr Bernie Wolff
Esk Show Society Prime Cattle Section Cordially invites
Exhibitors, Donors, Agents, Buyers and Stewards
To our Presentation Dinner
Proudly Sponsored by Australian Country Choice, Brisbane Valley Protein, Brisbane Valley Rail Trail,
Pest Control, Coles, Friendly Grocer, Grand Hotel Esk, LJ Hooker Esk/Toogoolawah
To be held in the Dining Room at Esk Showgrounds
Friday 24th May, 2019 at 6.00pm
Please RSVP to Malcolm and Leesa Booth by 16th May, 2019
Phone: (07) 4698 4964  mobile: 0418 530 999/0428 299 042


Supreme Awards Prime Cattle Section

Most Successful Exhibitor Points Calculation
Prize Awarded Points Allocated
First Prize 5 points
Second Prize 4 points
Champion 3 points
Reserve Champion
Reserve Grand Champion Exhibit
2 points
Supreme / Grand Champion Exhibit 1 point