Section 4 - Miniature Goats

Chief Steward: Margaret Collins
Judge: Steve Groth
Queensland Show Manager: Rosalie Bryce
Entry Fee: $2.00 per entry per class
email entries to Qld Show Secretary:
Animals should be penned by 8.00am
Check in 8.00 - 9.00am
Judging commences: 9.00am Saturday 27th May, 2017

You are required to supply your own pens and shade at this show

All competitors to pay gate admission (unless a show member)





Rules, Regulations and Notes to Exhibitors

  1. All original entry forms and fees must be handed in to the steward for each goat entered at least half an hour before advertised start time on the day of the show.  Animals without forms submitted and fees paid on the day will not be eligible to show
  2. No refunds allowed.  Studs with emailed entries will still be responsible to pay outstanding entry fees if not attending the show.  A $10 nomination fee to accompany entries per show for competitors that do not hold MGBA membership
  3. MGBA Breed shows are open to members and non members
  4. This show is open to all registered Australian Miniature, Nuwby, Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf goats holding current and up to date registration with any group Australia wide.  Australian Pygmy/Nigerian Dwarf goats must be registered with DNA or have DNA pending.
  5. Animals must be owned or leased by competitor
  6. Animals must only be shown in the breed registered on registration certificate
  7. MGBA rules and regulations apply to goats at ALL shows including DNA, ear tagging requirements where applicable. (A) Animals registered with the MGBA to produce a copy of registration certificate on the day with show entry form or presented before show to be eligible to participate in Breed Classes. (B) Animals not registered with the MGBA must have registration certificate email/posted in with entries to be eligible to participate in Breed Classes
  8. Competitor participation in events is at the MGBA discretion and non-members will be required to agree to the MGBA code of sportsmanship when submitting entries
  9. Those not abiding by MGBA rules will be removed from show and any wins forfeited
  10. All MGBA rules and regulations apply to shows
  11. It is the competitor's responsibility to follow all DPI and governing bodies' state rules and requirements for tick/disease as well as movement of goats between states and to and from MGBA shows
  12. MGBA Rules and Regulations apply.  Full show rules are a supplement to the schedule and can be found on the Miniature Goat Breeders Association website  MGBA Inc Breed Standards, Heights and Regulations will govern breed related issues IN ALL CASES


  13. All animals must be measured in prior to the commencement of judging and are to be brought up to the measuring station as directed by the Steward.  Animals not measured will not be permitted to show
  14. Animals must have NLIS ear tag in place and Identification must be confirmed prior to commencement of judging.  Any goats entering under dairy exemption must still have their ear tags present at the show
  15. Animals should be good breed examples and must NOT have horns
  16. All animals must be in a healthy condition, free of ticks, lice and visible signs of disease or health problems.  It is desirable that goats have been vaccinated
  17. Exhibitors and handlers are to conduct themselves in an exemplary manor at all times.  Abusive, disruptive or unsportsmanlike behaviour will result in the exhibitor/handler being excused from the ring, forfeit of fees/prizes/awards & disqualification from competing in further classes.  Please also see MGBA code of sportsmanship that forms part of your membership
  18. It is the exhibitors responsibility to provide adequate food and fresh water for their animals for the duration of the show
  19. It is condition of entry that the Best of Breed and Best In Show exhibits stand to be photographed at the show under the direction of the Steward for recording & promotion of show results.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification of exhibit, award/s being permanently removed & forfeiture of entry fees.  Photos & results of classes/animals will be published as the Show Society/MGBA require any photos taken at the show may be used the MGBA in future promotions
Conditions of Participation
  1. Separation to prevent movement of faeces or contaminated food, water or bedding.
  2. Adequate supervision of animals at the venue
  3. Restrict animals to designated area by tethering or penning when not being led
  4. Prompt removal of faecal material - regularly removed to no access plastic lined bins.  This is particularly important in laneways and judging areas
  5. Equipment must be cleaned regularly and stored at or in a bin.  Responsibility of each stud to clean up after themselves
  6. Sick goats not permitted on grounds
  7. In interpreting the show/event regulations, any decision made by the show committee/manager is final and no correspondence will be entered into
  8. Animals are only eligible to enter one breed type section correct classes.  Please ensure the breed is indicated on the entry form
  9. All exhibitors/participants are responsible for arranging their own public liability insurance and other insurances.  This Association or any of its representatives will not under any circumstances hold itself/themselves liable for any accident, loss or damage and it shall be a condition of entry/participation that each exhibitor/participant shall hold MGBA and anyone associated with the organisation/conduct of event, blameless and indemnify it against any legal proceeding arising through any accident, loss, non-delivery or damage whatsoever
  10. It is a condition of entry that EXHIBITS may not be removed before 3.00pm


Presentation and Handler Classes

Milking Classes - does up to 60cm

Classic Head

Doe Section - all does up to 57cm

Wether Section - under 2yrs up to 60cm, over 2yrs up to 62.5cm

Buck Section - all bucks up to 60cm

Foundation Section - 4+ Years



Classic Nuwby Head

Doe Section - all does up to 60cm

Wether Section - all wethers up to 63.5cm

Buck Section - all bucks up to 63.5cm

Foundation Section - 4+ years

Classic Pygmy Head

Doe Section - all does up to 57cm



Wether Section - all wethers up to 60cm

Buck Section - all bucks up to 60cm

Foundation Section - 4+ years

Classic Dwarf Head

Doe Section - all does up to 57cm

Wether Section - all wethers up to 60cm



Buck Section - all bucks up to 60cm

Foundation Section - does over 57cm, bucks/wethers over 60cm

Two progeny of the same (registered) Sire or Dam (Two animals from the same exhibitor judged on quality, conformation, and uniformity of breed characteristics).  Sire OR Dam and one progeny (Two animals from the same exhibitor judged on quality, confirmation, and uniformity of type. Progeny must be better than sire or dam).  Breeders Pair (Two animals from the same exhibitor, same Stud name, not necessarily related, judged with emphasis placed on likeness, quality, conformation and uniformity of breed characteristics).

Best In Show

Best of Breed Australian Miniature Nuwby, Pygmy and Dwarf bred goats compete