Held in Chaille Pavilion
Chief Steward: Felicity Maden ph: 5424 2000
Stewards: Trish Maden, Steve Pearce, Melissa Taliani, Tracey Versace 
Entry Fee: $1.00 per entry, unless otherwise stated Prize Money: 1st $3.00, 2nd $2.50
Entries Close: 9.00am Friday 25th May, 2018
Judging Commences: 10.00am Friday 25th May, 2018


G Bowling, Brisbane Valley Hire & Sales, Brisbane Valley Nursery,
F Craddock, Esk Fruit & Deli, Nedam Plants, Len Norup, RSLWA,
K & M Shepherd, Transparts Queensland, Valley of the Lakes Garden Club-Esk
All entrants to pay gate admission (unless a show member)
  1. All exhibits to be the bona-fide property of the Exhibitor at the time of the Show and for one month prior to the commencement of the Show
  2. Exhibitor's are requested to have forms filled in before submitting entries to Stewards
  3. All entries to be on the grounds before 9.00am Friday 25th May, 2018, unless otherwise stated
  4. Prize money will be available at the Secretary's office after 3.00pm Saturday 26th May, 2018. It will not be posted
  5. Chaille Pavilion will be closed at 5.00pm.  All exhibits will be available for collection after 5.30pm Saturday 26th May, 2018.  Please contact the Chief Steward if you wish to make other arrangements


Trophies And Prizes 
Champion Rose Trophy and Ribbon – trophy donated by Nedam Plants
Most Points in The Rose Section – trophy donated by Transparts Queensland
Champion Gerbera - trophy donated in memory of Don and Doris Graves
Most Points in Cut Flowers – trophy donated by G Bowling in memory of Margaret
Prize Bloom – trophy donated by Fay Craddock
Most Points in Floral Work – trophy donated by Brisbane Valley Nursery
Champion Arrangement – trophy and ribbbon donated by K & M Shepherd
Most Points in Pot Plants – trophy donated by Valley of the Lakes Garden Club, Esk
Champion Pot Plants – trophy and ribbon donated by Brisbane Valley Hire & Sales
Prizes in Primary School Section donated by Felicity Maden & Esk Show Society
Prizes in Secondary School donated by Felicity Maden & Esk Show Society


Cut Flowers

Floral Work

'Thats Hats' prize money 1st $10.00, 2nd $5.00 donated by RSLWA

Focusing on Fruit 1st $15.00, 2nd $10.00 donated by Esk Fruit & Deli



Pot Plants

Exhibits must be the bona-fide property of Exhibitor one month prior to the Show.  All pot plants must be rooted and growing in a standard pot.

Kindy and Primary School Children

Entry Fee: Free  Prizes donated by Felicity Maden Kindy and Primary School children are invited to make up their arrangement on the showgrounds after school on Thursday 24th May, 2018 Judging will take place Friday 25th May, 2018. One entry per class per child

Prize money will be awarded for the most points 1st $10.00, 2nd $5.00, 3rd $4.00 There will be a prize for each Kindy child who enters this section

Secondary School Children

Entry Fee: Free  Prize Money 1st $10.00, 2nd $5.00, 3rd $4.00 donated by Felicity Maden